Some recent letter carving

28 October 2017

It has been a while since I updated you on what has been going on. I have been lucky in finding some interesting pieces of slate and wood and so have been developing some letter-carving ideas that have been simmering for some time.

One of the pieces of slate was 1200mm high by 250mm wide, ideal for a standing piece for the garden and for one of those ideas – a signpost to the heavens. However, to emphasise the ridiculous nature of such a sign I incorporated a mundane sign to Penrith. Fortunately my friendly local blacksmith was able to make a discreet steel support that allows the slate to be free standing as you can see from the image below.

Another similar sized piece of slate had lovely markings which reminded me of swirling water. Some time ago I had scribbled down the words “As the waves swell so the sea soughs”. Here was the perfect stone for those words. Perfect in appearance maybe, but not in its structure for the slate that I had picked up as an offcut from a batch of South American slate turned out to be very brittle. That meant that it took me twice as long to carve the letters compared with using local slate. A lesson learned there!

Among the pieces of wood that came my way were two that are nicely figured – one is yew and the other is ash. Both of them had a grain that hinted at flowing water. With the yew that flow seemed to be gentle at first, then turbulent, hence the chosen wording with a hint to the sweet Afton.

With the ash there was a ripple to the grain and a sense of coming and going or a flowing and an ebbing as the tide comes and goes, comes and goes …..

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