Some recent letter carving

I have been fairly busy at the letter carving over the past few weeks. Here are some of my new pieces.

The first one completed not that long age and just before the first swallows arrived is a stone welcoming the swallows back … again. It is a time to rejoice.

Sometimes a piece of stone sits around waiting on inspiration to strike. This lovely piece of slate was one such. Then one day I turned out these semi-precious stones. When set in the slate they conjured up some stately dance configuration or some oval planets in a strange cosmos.

Another piece of slate did not hang around for very long. This following piece just seemed to follow on from that earlier dance theme.

In our part of the world the leaves on the trees are struggling to emerge. Will the oak come into leaf before the ash when we will be in for a splash – or heaven forfend – will the ash come out before the oak when we will be in for a soak. If you have trouble remembering that, well I have just the thing as you can see.

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