Front and back

Images of sculpture are all very well, but no matter how many images you show it is difficult to convey the form and the nature of the work.  A little explanation may help.  Take this piece – a rocking form measuring 370mm (long), 180mm (high) and 75mm (deep). The three cobbles sit on pins so can be revolved. 

Turning them 180 degrees reveals the carving on the reverse.  ROCK A BYE becomes BABY.

Or here is another piece

 It is called Slipstreamline.  On one face I have carved: SLIP STREAM on two lines

On the other I have carved: STREAM LINE also on two lines.  

If you turn the piece clockwise through 180 degrees you can read the top line from one side to the other as SLIP STREAM and the bottom line as STREAM LINE.

To emphasise the concept I have carved the profile to suggest a streamlined form.