Traces – an explanation

What is the sculpture called Traces about?

This slate sculpture has two simple outlines of fish carved into its upper surface echoing the shadows of fish on the river bottom and hinting at fossils. The word Traces has been carved into a smoothed edge.

When I discussed this sculpture with the photographer, Val Corbett, she took on board those hints and echoes and has elaborated them with her splendid photograph. She took the sculpture away to a river bed in Borrowdale where she knew that there were similar river stones. Val carefully placed the sculpture under water and took a series of photographs of which this is one.

It is not often that one sees one’s ideas enhanced in this way. I am very grateful to Val.

Val’s image stimulated me to create a glass rectangular box into which I have added a layer of slate shards. The sculpture can now sit on those shards and be covered with water.

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